Inani Infrastructure is a proudly South African company started by Johan Troskie and partners in 2017.

We provide infrastructure engineering solutions to a wide spectrum of clients in both the private & public sector.

We help our clients plan, design & deliver their goals with our optimal engineering approach that seeks to add value at every stage of the project lifecycle, for small- or large-scale developments that are functional, practical & cost effective.

Principles Of Our Work

Educate Communities

Implementing enterprise development is just as important to us as ensuring that the communities that we work with understand the role of funding and the entrepreneurial opportunities that will arise with our projects.

Sustainable Development

Responsible engineering means researching and recommending alternative options to address the issue of depleting resources in the civil- and electrical engineering sectors.

Positive Working Environment

We believe that a shared value-system is central to ensuring good governance, growth and a positive working environment. The success of our projects is rooted deeply in the relationship that we foster with all the stakeholders.

Viable Solutions That Build Trust

By considering financial constraints on the end product in the preliminary design phase, we are able to offer our clients a commercially viable solution in the long term. This is an important platform for us to build trust.