USAID Pharmaceutical Warehouse

Location: Erego, Mocuva, Mopeia Mozambique

Client: Stefanutti Stocks Contractors

Status: Completed

Duration: 12 Months

The client, Stefanutti Stocks Contractors, was involved in the development of the pharmaceutical warehouse design for USAID in Mozambique. The development consisted of three turn-key solutions in three different towns, namely Erego, Mocuva and Mopeia.

Inani was appointed for the civil engineering services that included the earthworks design, providing a stormwater surface runoff solution, layerwork design for the roadworks, and planning for water and sanitation reticulation (this did not include implementation).

Working across border, the language and communication barriers posed challenges on this project as test results had to be translated from Portuguese to English. Importing materials was expensive due to the remoteness of the sites. Inani provided a turnkey solution for the layerwork design that was cost-effective and workable, using available material from local quarries near the remote sites.

Inani was able to optimise the earthwork design and provide layerwork solutions despite the challenges and limitations of the project. The sites were drained by utilising the surface drainage whilst keeping costs low.