Forest Mews Residential Development

Location: Eerste Rivier, Cape Town

Client: Asrin Property Developers (PTY) Ltd

Status: Completed

Year of Completion: 2019

The client, Asrin Property Developers, appointed Inani Infrastructure to assist with the residential development of Forest Mews.

The scope of works for this project included the installation of civil services to multiple three-storey walk-ups in the residential estate as well as the reticulation of water, sanitation, fire and stormwater services.

Due to the shallow levels of the surrounding existing infrastructure, there were obstacles to overcome in order to connect the gravity services. This included an existing high point within a small catchment of existing gravity connection points. The design was optimised for the proposed sewer to connect into the available connection points.

Inani designed the reticulation of the water, fire and sewer, together with the associated roads, stormwater and parking layout. An optimal bulk earthworks solution was provided by balancing the cut-and-fill to minimise the requirement of additional imported material. An analysis was done of the ground floor level of each building. This enabled Inani to add value by minimising the ground floor height of the buildings. This analysis also optimised the ground floor levels of each building in order to maintain the interface with parking and building floors without compromising drainage, and accommodating roadwork and stormwater components.