We Buy Cars

Location: Brackengate, Cape Town

Client: Atterbury

Status: Completed

Year of Completion: 2019

The client, Atterbury Properties, was appointed to construct the retail warehouse facility for We Buy Cars, to be utilised as storage for their motor vehicle sales. This facility is located on the Bottelary Road, Brackenfell just off the R300 in Cape Town.

Operating under De Villiers Consulting, Inani was appointed to undertake the civil engineering aspects of site clearance, bulk earthworks, installation of normal services, stormwater, sanitation, subsoil drains and roadworks.

Nine months were allocated for the construction of the facility, and the project had to be operational by December 2019. The space to accommodate stormwater attenuation, existing servitudes and bulk infrastructure on the perimeter of the site was limited.

Inani optimised the earthworks by reducing the requirement of imported material and adjusted the site levels of the building footprint in order to reduce the cost of bulk earthworks. The stormwater challenge was solved by dividing the site into two stormwater catchments, providing a normal catchment with an attenuation pond and incorporating a permeable paving solution.

The project was completed on 14 December and Inani was pleased to have met the target.